Audio engineer producer | Andrew Click Productions – Santa Fe NM

Andrew Click has been based in Santa Fe for more than 11 years. His decade-long residence in New Mexico was followed by his completion of years of rigorous education and training in Los Angeles. Andrew bridges the professional gap between major cities and the Southwest by forging great relationships with a worldwide clientele.

Music has surrounded Andrew for his entire life. He is both a devoted and dedicated producer/engineer as well as a lover of all genres of music.

Following his upbringing in a family that created and keenly appreciated all types of music, Andrew has spent the last 20 years refining his career as a producer/engineer. Andrew’s extensive education and years of experience provided the foundation for his expertise. His experience includes numerous world-class facilities such as Ocean Studios, Cello Studios and Ocean Way West. In the last few years, Andrew has further fine-tuned his skills through collaborations with world-class producers and engineers.

Andrew has provided highly valued consultation services and designed studios for business and consumer clientele for 15 years. Effectively determining equipment needs and studio arrangements, Andrew understands all the nuances of studio planning. He has been the linchpin of the creation of many home-based studios and professional recording environments.

Always at the forefront of audio technology, Andrew demonstrates his expertise as a knowledgeable audio engineer. He is well versed in ProTools, SSL, Neve and other classic-era vintage and cutting-edge gear. He also is a skilled and highly regarded a console technician and maintenance engineer.

Colleagues and industry professionals consistently appreciate his skills as an engineer, mixer and producer. His contribution as an engineer on an album helped received a WC Handy Award in 2006. He also has been honored for dozens of New Mexico Music Awards for music recordings in which he was the mixing engineer and or producer, and for other prestigious industry nominations and recognitions.

Andrew owned, maintained, and worked as chief engineer of a destination recording studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last nine years. He recently decided to step back from commercial studio work and has returned to the private sector of studio work. With a stellar collection of vintage gear complimented by Protools HD, Andrew built a mixing/mastering facility for himself earlier this year.

Andrew’s new studio is primarily a mixing/mastering and production suite that includes the capability of hosting overdub sessions needed for final pre-mixing and last minute adjustments of tracks.

The new studio, surrounded by Neve, Summit, Teletronics, Urei, Focusrite, Neumann, Gefell, AKG, Aviom, and more. The studio offers its clients comfort and ease of mixing great records and film quickly, wonderfully and efficiently.

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